“Thank you for all you do for your real estate clients. When I had questions I received the answers from Alicia [that] I needed. This led to the quick sale of … Cabrillo Park Dr, Santa Ana, CA I was hoping for. I am almost ready to begin a new search for the next property.”

-Douglas Bader (Costa Mesa, CA)

“Alicia Parker has helped us tremendously to buy the house that was to our expectations. We [are] very thankful with the help and advice that Alicia has provided throughout the process. It was a pleasure to know her and do business with her. Every time we needed to ask questions she would be there to help us out in every way she could. Overall we are very happy with our new house and we are lucky to have such a great real estate agent like her.”

-Raquel Martinez (Santa Ana, CA)

“I first met Alicia after contacting her regarding a house that my fiance and I were interested in. We had looked at several houses online and in person around the neighborhood but none of them seemed to be a good match. When we first drove up to the house it had potential, it was a mid century – modern and had the timeless look and feel that such houses engender. A very unique find in our area! The door was open and I walked inside, the house was furnished expertly and perfectly captured the soul of the home. Also waiting for us inside was Alicia, she immediately made us feel very welcome and encouraged us to take a look around our future house; offering up helpful information about the home and answering all of our questions while allowing us to roam free throughout the house and yard. She made quite an impression (as did the house!), and in less than a month we were in escrow. Alicia made the whole process very easy and pain free and was very helpful throughout. She even sent us a wonderful housewarming gift a month after we moved in!”

-Chris Doddridge (Tustin, CA)

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